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Hey! My first entry on a new journal..humm, I guess i'll start with… - ♥Sara Bo Bara♥ — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 14th, 2006|06:52 pm]
Hey! My first entry on a new journal..humm, I guess i'll start with telling you that this isn't my first time on live journal. Last year I had a live journal, and i posted in it just about evey day, but i forgot the password:| so i made a new one, which wasn't as good...luckily after a while i remembered my old password and went back to that lj:) Anyways, i'll tell you a bit about me:) My names Sara, i'm 14 years old and in the eigth grade. I go to a Catholic school..the reason for that being because i'm cathoilc. I have three dogs, a brother, a sister, and obviously.. a mom & a dad. I'm pretty short..i used to be tall when i was younger but now it seems like everyone is taller than me:| But i'm perfectly fine with being short:) I LOVE seafood, and the restraunt Mandarins (mostly because they serve a lot of seafood), and I also like ribs..yumm. My favourite colours would be pink, and brown. Not many people like brown, so I like that I like it:) I like vanilla and cinnamon flavoured gum. I dislike olives, celery, white chocolate(i love dark chocolate), the color red, smarties, aaaand people who beat around the bush..example:
person 1: *eats grapes*
person 2: "ooh, i love grapes!"
person 1: ....

Okay, now that you know the basics about "Sara" i'll tell you about my day, because thats what is usually done in journals:)..

Today i stayed home from school. Why? Well..
1. It was play day:|
2. My good old chums Megan and Felicia weren't coming:(
3. I was tired
4. I had to get my dress altered for grad
Because of the large amount of reasons deciding against me going to school, I decided not to fight them and stay home:) Surprisingly my mom was fine with it, and i'm pretty sure she knew i wasn't sick:| Weird. During my, "sick" day I got my dress alered, bought some jewerly at Ardenes, went to the new dollarama, and got some food at price chopper. I also watched Maurry, and Montel, and a lot of Bearinstein bears with my sister..which really isn't as boring as it seems..it held my attention for a good 2 hours:|lol.

Tonights going to be a good night too..because at eight Canadas next top model is on(my favourite show), and at nine so you think you can dance is on:)I loove Wednesdays!!:D I hope my friend Kendalyn can comeover and watch it though.. Kendalyn is a girl who lives 2 houses down from me whos a reeeeally good friend of mine. Her mom died a few months ago, which made us become even closer. Anyways back to my story every wednesday her and I hang out, but she went to her brothers football game so i'm not sure if we can:( o well, if she doesn't more chips for me!!
OOhhh!!And more exciting news..i got the new msn beta!It's pretty cool..but would of had a way bigger effect if msn was as exciting as it used to be:( msn has gotten boring over the years, I mean, how many times can you say, "hey" and then , "whats up" in a row in a life time??It's so cleshay..
(im pretty sure i spelt that wrong)and predictable that it gets annoying after a while. I mean, most of the time people say "nm" anyways so why even bother asking if they're not going to answer??

well, alright..im off:)

[User Picture]From: omgzits__tam
2006-06-15 12:08 am (UTC)
This was, quite possibly, the longest entry ever written on Livejournal.
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[User Picture]From: cottonrain
2006-06-17 11:20 pm (UTC)
Hey! I was grape person number #1! :)

Unless you're talking about something else...
then, nevermind. :P

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[User Picture]From: sara_wins312
2006-06-18 12:40 am (UTC)
haha no thats is what in talking about:P
and u know she did it again:|
a while ago she came into our class to watch a movie..
and i was eating sunchips n she was just liek,
"i love sun chips!"
& i was just like, "cool???"lol
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